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Account Type: Savings
Initial Opening Balance: £2 000 - £10 000
Features of this account
Maximize your savings with this online savings account, the Orient Financial Group High Interest eSavings account offers you:
High interest on every dollar
Free online transfers including unassisted telephone fund transfers from this account to other Orient Financial Group accounts in your name
Includes free access to Online Banking, Mobile, and Telephone Banking
No minimum deposit requirements
Ability to set up memorized online transfers from your banking account to your savings account
Save for a specific goal or a rainy day — your money is always available to you online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Account Type: Private
Initial Opening Balance: £5 000 - £25 000
Features of this account

Online Banking. From financial calculators to a variety of convenient services including bill payments and fund transfers — you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Even more, you'll enjoy free access with your banking account!
Transfer funds between accounts
Make payments to personal loans, mortgages etc.
Access account balances and updates
Track previous transactions
Apply for other Orient Financial Group products


Account Type: Gold (Business Account)
Initial Opening Balance: £10 000 - £50 000

Features of this account
Pay only one monthly fee for a full range of exclusive banking services and travel benefits including:
Unlimited banking transactions
Overdraft protection and free Orient Financial Group Swift Trade personalized style cheques
Exclusive travel offers and savings, as well as special deals on vacation packages, last minute travel, cruises, tours and more.
Waived fees or discounts for many other Orient Financial Group services
Orient Financial Group Direct InvestingTM quarterly maintenance fee is waived. The maintenance fee covers all Orient Financial Group Direct Investing accounts, and non-registered accounts.


Account Type: Platinum (Special Account)
Initial Opening Balance: £25 000 - £1 000 000

Features of this account
Access to Online Banking.
Access to exclusive Orient Financial Group financial services.
If you're looking for the most convenient and comprehensive way to manage your day-to-day banking needs, assets management, with comprehensive financial advisory services, this account it specially designed for you.


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